Past Event Reports

China Town Hall 2016
This year's China Town Hall event took place on Tuesday, October 18th in the Learning Center at OU Schusterman.  A free dinner was served at 5:45pm, followed by the national speaker, Henry Kissinger, at 6:00pm and the local speaker, Kaiser Kuo, at 7:00pm.  The event was well attended and enjoyed by all!

Kids' World 2014
 Kids' World was WONDERFUL!!
 From November 19-22 at the Exchange Center at Expo Square, the best of Tulsa's international communities came together to enlighten, delight, and entertain thousands of students, teachers, and families. EAI and OUCI taught families about the Chinese Zodiac, how to do calligraphy, write their name in Chinese, Chinese opera face painting, and panda hats.


Dr. Huajing Maske, Director of the University of Kentucky’s Confucius Institute visited Tulsa on November 19th at the home of Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor. This was a great opportunity for for EAI and OUCI to educate other community leaders on the progression of interest in Chinese language and culture.



Chinese Bridge Speech Contest Results

The contest took place on March 29th, 2014 at the OU Schusterman Learning Center.
 Middle School Results:
 1st Place--Jackson Ford
 2nd Place--Dominique and Victoria Savage
 3rd Place--Audrey Keeling, Seulgi Lee, and Riya Kaul

High School Results:
 1st Place--Nicholas Todd
 2nd Place--Yebin Cho and Julianne Thomison
 3rd Place--Angela Nguyen and Sean Flahive
 Honorable Mention--Hsin-Roe Pan


Event Photos